Boonland's Bell Josephine PP

fien 11 m

Boonland's Bell Josephine PP (Fien)

Blue eyed white MCO W 61


IC: 3,93%
T5: 40,5%
Cl: 18,3%

Pedigree photo's Offspring Album

Fien is the granddaughter of WaterCoons Harald Blaatand P. She was too prescious to let her go as a pet. We hope she can continue our goal to spread to gene pool.She has a realy interesting outcross-foundation pedigree. Being a polydactyl cat makes her even more interesting for us. She was the only girl in the litter and could stand up against her brohters perfectly. We hope she can adapt in the Nova's Place group and be happy. We can offer her room to develope and enjoy her growing up in our house and in our fenced in garden. Marjan Boonen from cattery Boonland gave her the perfect place to be born and grow up. We thank you for your trust and friendship.

Fien's tests: FIV FeLV : 12-01-2015
BAER test:hearing

Patella luxation negative 09-07-2012
Hips pending
Heart (echo) negative 29-03-2013
Kidney's(echo) negative 29-03-2013


umbilical hernia


negative 09-07-2012

marjan boonen met FienMarjan Boonen with Fien having her BAERtest