Cameron Coons Pearl Jam Alive

Livvy 1,5y

Cameron Coons Pearl Jam Alive AKA Liv
tortie white MCO f 09

Pedigree Photo's Offspring

Liv is a mix of 5 generations of cats that live at the Nova's Place cattery. She is of great importance and we just love her personality and looks. We let her develope and play in our home and fenced in garden. She is just fantastic!! She already proved to be the best mum ever.....We are so proud of her.....

Thanks Birgitta for the basic raising of this beautiful girl.....we will do our best to let her become a totally happy balanced cat.

Inbreed 12,2 %
Clones 32,6 %
Top 5

Liv's tests are:

Patella luxation

Umbilical Hernia

negative 17-06-2014

negative 17-06-2014

FIV FeLV negative 17-06-2014
Heart (echo)

negative 15-12-2015

Kidney's(echo) negative 15-12-2015
HCM1 DNA negative (parents)
SMA DNA negative(parents)