About Us

Cattery Nova's place is located on the estate De Hidder in the township Oele County Hengelo Ov

Nova's place is a small cattery where the most important rule is that the cats live in harmony. We have 4 queens, and a couple of castrates

We have cats for more then 40 years, but in 1998 the first Maine Coon came to live with us.

Her name was Chriscoon Nova. We named the cattery after her. We went to shows to see her family and to learn more and more about the pedigrees and the importancy of keeping this beautiful breed healthy.We carefully select our cats and they stay for a lifetime. We offer them a quiet cosey place to stay with enough space for them to develope. We have 2 fenced in gardens of more then 1000 m2 where they can develope and play. We try to introduce new lines to the Netherlands to come to our goal. Spreading the genepool without loosing the typical Maine Coon look and breeding lovely healthy kittens. They grow up in our living room together with the adult cats and our dogs. We test our cats on Fiv Felv HCM PKD PL HD MYBPC3 and SMA.


Copper vijver 2017




Sem and me

Dirk & Mary Anne Kooy
Hengelo Ov.
Tel: + 0031 (0)74-2596605
e-mailadres: maryannekooy@telfort.nl