Nova 1y

Chriscoon Nova
24-09-1998 - 05-08-2003

She was the first Maine Coon cat we had and we loved her! She was big friends with Guus, our Golden Retriever and you could often see them sleeping together in 1 basket. She had 1 litter of 5 kittens and she was a great mum. We miss her!!

She disappeared out of our lives without leaving a trace

Athabaskes Kaskaskia (Kaskia)
*27-12-2003 + 16-03-2012

Kaskia was gentle and sweet. She had 3 litters of fantastic kittens. Her life wasn't as long as we wanted but it had quality
We will miss her

Morning Breeze von 3-Linden Brunnen *30-07-2008- +25-11-2012

A tragical accident took her life.The shock was great. So full of life.
We miss her so much..but are glad she passed on her very sweet temper to her kittens.

Lalita-Luna of Never Ending
Lalita-Luna of Never Ending * 21-07-2001 +6-10-2013
Luna was a beautiful female. A great compagnion, She had 21 kittens and passed on her sweet character to many. She will be missed.

Twilight of chamberlain

*27-2-2003 + 12-09-2015
She was such a sweet girl.
She had lovely kittens and we are proud to have her granddaughter Liv with us.

Harald 4y
WaterCoons Harald Blaatand P.
*5-1-2007 + 27-02-2017

Harald was my pride and joy. He had a sweet temper and enjoyed life with us. Although his life wasn't very long, he never a day of sickness and was a strong cat. We will miss our little friend that was given to us by Kazandra Holm Muller.

CoonMtn Deta Dawn(Reba)
* 5-11-2005 + 1-10-2017

Great cat, great mother of beautiful kittens. She had 4 litters of beauties.

WaterCoons Tender Touch(Carissa)

*7-12-2005 + 5-7-2018
We enjoyed having her with us for 12.5 years. She had 3 litters of fantastic kittens.